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Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Queens, New York​
Your premier destination for Toy and Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale in Staten Island 

As reputable breeders specializing in Yorkshire Terriers, we are proud to have been passionately raising these delightful pups since 1973.  If you’ve explored the various dog breeds and dog breeders and are ready for your new puppy, you’ve come to the right place. Make a Yorkie puppy your new best friend today. 

At Maxie’s Babies, we prioritize the well-being and happiness of our Yorkie puppies. We meticulously breed for temperament, size, breed conformation, and, most importantly, the overall health and longevity of our beloved Yorkie babies. Our dedication to breeding top-quality Yorkies ensures that each puppy we raise is a perfect addition to your family.

When you choose one of our Yorkie puppies, you’re selecting a loyal companion that will bring years of unconditional love and affection. Whether you’re seeking a tiny Yorkie to accompany you on your adventures or a toy-size Yorkie for your children to grow up with, we have a wide variety of sizes available to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

We understand the importance of providing a smooth transition for our puppies to their forever homes. That’s why all our puppies come with a comprehensive 5-year veterinarian plan and a written health guarantee. We believe in offering you peace of mind, knowing that your new furry family member is in excellent health and well-cared for.

Maxie’s Babies proudly serves Staten Island and the greater Long Island area. As experienced breeders and Yorkshire Terrier enthusiasts, we have earned a reputation for excellence and are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Our dedication extends beyond breeding; we provide valuable consultations and guidance to help you raise a happy and healthy Yorkie.

As reputable breeders, we specialize exclusively in Yorkshire Terriers, so you skip the pet store and trust that our knowledge and expertise are focused on this beloved breed. We’re committed to assisting you throughout your Yorkie’s life, offering advice on grooming, training, and providing a wealth of resources to ensure a seamless experience.

Yorkshire Terriers are known for their delightful lap-dog personalities, making them perfect cuddle companions. They are hypoallergenic and ideal for individuals with allergies. With their long life span and charming demeanor, Yorkies are the epitome of little dogs with big hearts.

Located in Staten Island, our Yorkie puppies are available for adoption to loving families in Suffolk County and beyond. Our service extends to dedicated Yorkie enthusiasts throughout New York, including Long Island. We invite you to explore our website and browse our available Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale.

At Maxie’s Babies, we’re not just Yorkie breeders; we’re passionate about connecting our adorable puppies with caring individuals and families. We aim to make your experience with us as positive and joyful as possible, ensuring that each Yorkie finds their forever home and becomes an inseparable part of your family.

Take the first step toward welcoming a charming Yorkshire Terrier into your life. Contact Maxie’s Babies today to inquire about our available Yorkshire Terrier puppies, discuss our health guarantee, vaccinations, and learn more about the breed. Discover why we’re recognized as reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeders dedicated to finding loving homes for these extraordinary pups.

Give us a call or text  at 718-614-3968 if you have any questions about our fun-loving Yorkie pups!

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