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Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Florida​

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Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Queens, New York​

Your trusted Yorkshire Terrier breeder in Florida, the Sunshine State! 

We take pride in offering the most  adorable of Toy and Teacup dog breeds.  Not only is Maxie’s Babies reputable dog breeders, we specialize in the Yorkshire Terrier, one of the most popular dog breeds for good reason..  Our fun loving  toy dogs will be the perfect addition to your family. As reputable breeders with a legacy dating back to 1973, we prioritize temperament, size, breed conformation, and, above all, the health and longevity of our beloved Yorkie babies.

If you’re in Florida and searching for Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale, look no further. Maxie’s Babies is the ultimate destination for finding your ideal furry companion. Our AKC-registered Yorkshire Terriers are meticulously socialized and raised in a loving home environment, ensuring they are well-adjusted and ready to bring joy to your life.

When you choose Maxie’s Babies, you can rest assured that your new Yorkshire Terrier puppy will come with a 5-year veterinarian plan and a written health guarantee. We believe in providing comprehensive care for our puppies, including regular vaccinations and deworming, so they can start their journey with you in the best possible health.

Our Yorkshire Terrier puppies are available in various sizes, including the sought-after teacup size, perfect for those looking for a tiny companion to share their adventures. Whether you reside in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, or anywhere else in Florida, our service extends throughout the state, ensuring you can find your new puppy close to home.

As experienced Yorkshire Terrier breeders recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), we understand the importance of breeding Yorkies with desirable coat colors, such as parti, ensuring that you find the perfect puppy that matches your preferences. With their hypoallergenic and silky coats, Yorkshire Terriers are an ideal choice for those with allergies or a preference for a small dog with minimal shedding.

At Maxie’s Babies, our mission is to match our Yorkie puppies with their forever homes, where they will be cherished and loved as the loyal companions they are. Our commitment to breeding high-quality Yorkies has earned us a reputation as one of the top Yorkshire Terrier breeders in Florida.

When you bring home a Yorkshire Terrier from Maxie’s Babies, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re gaining a best friend, a cuddle buddy, and a lifelong source of unconditional affection. Our puppies are raised with love, care, and the utmost attention to detail, ensuring they are well-socialized and ready to adapt to their new environments seamlessly.

Explore our website to browse our available puppies and find your new furry family member today. Contact us for more information about our teacup yorkie puppies, and let us help you find the perfect Yorkshire Terrier pal that will bring joy, laughter, and endless love to your home. Maxie’s Babies is here to make your dream of owning a Yorkshire Terrier a reality.  Serving all of North and South Florida, we’re here to help you give a loving and new home to a Florida Yorkshire Terrier today!

Give us a call or text  at 718-614-3968 if you have any questions about our fun-loving Yorkie pups!

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