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Yorkies for Sale Brooklyn: Charming Companions in the Heart of the City

Bronx NY​ Yorkie Puppies for Sale

Brooklyn‘s Premier Destination for Yorkie Puppies

If you’re on a quest to find the most adorable Yorkies for sale in Brooklyn NY, you’re in luck! Maxies Babies is Brooklyn’s beloved breeder offering an exquisite selection of Yorkshire terrier puppies ready to find their new home. With the picturesque cityscape of New York as their backdrop, these Yorkie puppies boast not only beauty but also vibrant health thanks to our meticulous care protocols.

Diverse Selection of Puppies

Not just specializing in Yorkies, we celebrate a diversity of dog breeds that are perfect for any family dynamic. Whether you fancy a cuddly Pomeranian, a sprightly Shih Tzu, or hypoallergenic breeds like Maltese and Poodle, our kennel is a treasure trove of choices. All our available puppies are vet checked and come with a 5 year health guarantee, ensuring they’re dewormed, vaccinated, and prepped to join your family.

Discover Your Perfect Match

Finding Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale has never been easier. Maxies Babies caters to families across neighborhoods—from the bustling streets of Manhattan to the calm suburbs of Staten Island and even across New Jersey. We take pride in matchmaking our precious black and tan companions with loving homes throughout New York City, including the Bronx and Brooklyn New York areas.

Top-Quality Care for Our Puppies

The health and well-being of our puppies are paramount. That’s why all our Yorkie puppies for sale are AKC certified, ensuring they come from quality Yorkshire terrier breeders who practice ethical breeding standards. Each new puppy is thoroughly examined by a vet—vet checked—and has up-to-date vaccinations before they leave us for their new adventure with you.

Begin Your Pet Journey with Confidence

Embark on your path to pet ownership armed with the assurance that you’re choosing from reputable Yorkie breeders known for their integrity and quality. Our cuddle-worthy companions are eager to learn potty fundamentals and nestled comfortably within months old milestones.

Selecting Your Teacup Yorkie or Companion Breed

Longing for a teacup Yorkie puppy’s or maybe a sweet-tempered Chihuahua? Our kennel near Brooklyn offers it all. When you come to find Yorkshire terrier or other delightful pups in NYC, you’ll be met with a plethora of options perfect for your lifestyle—whether you live in an apartment or a home with a nice garden where you can enjoy your time with your puppy.

Preparing Your Home for Your New Friend

As you prepare to welcome your new puppy into your home, rest assured knowing that every Yorkshire terrier has been nurtured to seamlessly adapt to their new environment from day one.

Here are a few tips to consider to welcome your furry friend in a loving environment: 

  1. Nutritional Needs: For the Yorkshire terrier owners, selecting high-quality puppy food suitable to their nutritional requirements is vital. A consistent flavor preference should be established to avoid digestive issues. Ensure you have a sufficient supply of food and treats on hand.
  1. Prepare For Essential Supplies: Acquiring all the necessary supplies beforehand will save time and effort; these include:  bowls for food and water, collars, leashes, and crates. Assess your puppy’s needs to compile a complete shopping list.
  1. Keep Your Items Safe: To safeguard your belongings from a curious and energetic new puppy prone to chewing, relocate cherished items out of reach and consider using non-toxic deterrents on certain surfaces.
  1. Introduce Them To Existing Pets: For households with existing pets, careful introductions are crucial post-vaccination treatments for the new arrival. Initially isolating the puppy in a comfortable space with bedding and toys can ease its transition into its new environment.
  1. Prepare Your Family: Preparing family members involves informing them about emergency veterinary contacts, establishing playtime rules with the puppy to ensure gentle interaction, discussing behaviors to prevent bites, instilling empathy towards the pet’s well-being, and reinforcing established guidelines consistently for safety.
  2. Veterinary Check-ups: Promptly scheduling a check-up with a veterinarian after adopting your puppy ensures they start their new life on a healthy note.

Maxies Babies: More than Just Breeders

We don’t just sell puppies; we build lifelong relationships as the starting point of your journey with your newest family member. Looking for Yorkies for sale near Brooklyn? Call us at 718-614-3968 or visit us to see why we are celebrated not just as breeders but as dedicated facilitators eager to introduce you to your ideal companion—whether it’s amongst Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale or finding that irresistible Pomeranian that calls NYC its home.