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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Micro Yorkie for Sale

Bronx NY​ Yorkie Puppies for Sale

Welcome to “Maxies Babies,” your trusted expert in pairing families with their perfect tiny companions. Here, we share invaluable insights into choosing your ideal micro yorkie from our exclusive selection. 

Understanding the Appeal of Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

Embarking on the journey of acquiring a Yorkshire Terrier, especially of the teacup variety, is exciting. These teacup yorkies for sale are more than just pets; they are pint-sized companions with hearts full of love. Recognized by their silky coats and teddy bear faces, these pups capture hearts effortlessly.

Source Your Puppy from Esteemed Yorkie Breeders

Always opt for reputable Yorkie breeders who offer a health guarantee for your peace of mind. At Maxies Babies, our available puppies are given a 5 year health guarantee and an up-to-date on vaccinations – essentials for their well-being.

The Importance of a Health Guarantee

When you invest in one of our beautiful Teacup Yorkie puppies or tiny Teacup Yorkie puppies, you’re assured by our health guarantee. This promises that your new puppy arrives healthy and has been screened for any genetic conditions 

Guaranteeing Puppies’ Health

A breeder worthy of trust will extend a health warranty for your puppy. This assurance generally encompasses significant health concerns that may emerge soon after bringing your puppy home. Examine this guarantee closely to comprehend its coverage and the required steps if health issues surface.

  • Interaction with The Parents

Encountering the puppy’s parents can offer tremendous insight into what you might expect from your puppy’s future character and looks. It also permits an assessment of the breeding dogs’ living conditions and wellness.

  • Investigating and Endorsing Practices

Conduct extensive research ahead of committing to any one breeder. Find suggestions from local canine clubs, veterinary professionals, and individuals who have previously purchased puppies from them. Looking for online critiques and discussion boards can further illuminate a breeder’s reputation.

Cherished Baby Doll Faces and Teddy Bear Pomeranians

Our baby doll face yorkies and teddy bear pomeranians epitomize cuteness and are a unique blend of lovable traits perfect for new homes looking to add that toy size lovebug to their family.

Teacup Size – Tiny Yet Mighty

Don’t let the teacup size fool you; these dogs may be small, but they have personalities as big as any toy yorkie puppies or standard-sized Yorkshire Terrier. From tiny teacup yorkie puppies to those with that classic toy look, each puppy boasts individual charm.

Preparing Your Home for Your New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is delightful but requires preparation. Ensure your home is potty-ready to accommodate your Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale seamlessly into their new environment.

Other Pint-Sized Companions: Morkies, Maltipoos, and More

While many desire Micro Teacup Yorkie puppies, Parti Yorkies and Teacup Maltese puppies, there are also cross breed selections such as Morkies, Maltipoo, making a unique blend between breed and combining characteristics from their parent breeds, and creating lovable and distinctive companions. 

At Maxies babies we cater to various preferences while maintaining our high standards across all breeds. Serving in Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey and beyond.

Finding Joy in the Tiniest Members of Our Family

As specialists in breeding the tiniest yet most vibrant members of the canine community, we invite you to explore our beautiful Teacup Yorkie puppies that are eagerly waiting to find their forever homes.

Maxies Babies is committed to pairing you with a healthy, affectionate Micro Yorkie that will thrive in its new loving environment and become a beloved member of your family. Explore our available puppies and find more than just a pet – find a lifelong friend that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. At Maxies Babies we have clear terms for all the breeds we offer from Shih Tzu to Yorkiebabies. Call us at 718-614-3968 to take the first step toward welcoming your new furry friend!