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Experience Puppy Love: Adorable Puppies for Sale in Staten Island

Bronx NY​ Yorkie Puppies for Sale

Searching for puppies for sale in Staten Island? Look no further! Maxies Babies offers a variety of adorable puppies, from cuddly chihuahua pals to the intelligent gleam of an Australian Shepherd. Our commitment as breeders is to provide you with not just a pet but a new family member.

Your Perfect Puppy Awaits

Nestled in the heart of New York, our breeding expertise extends throughout the surrounding areas including New Jersey, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and even to Jersey City. We don’t just serve NYC; we’re dedicated to finding the perfect match for both our puppies and our clients across the New York City region.

Choose Your Companion

Whether you’re enchanted by the fluffy coats of Goldendoodles or yorkshire terriers or are searching for an AKC-certified purebred like a refined Poodle or regal Maltese, both are breeds that are often associated with elegance, style, and charm. They make wonderful companions for those seeking a small, intelligent, and affectionate dog, we have the puppy of your dreams. Seeking out something smaller? Our Teacup pups could fit snugly into your NYC lifestyle. 

Health Comes First

Rest assured that our puppies come with a health guarantee. Every furry friend is de-wormed and vet-checked from months old to ensure they are ready for their new home. We understand the importance of starting off with a healthy best friend because we know they become so much more than pets—they become family.

Diversity in Choices

For those considering something uniquely beautiful like merle-patterned French Bulldog puppies or even a Jack Russell Terrier, a small and energetic dog breed known for its lively and spirited personality, look no further. At Maxies Babies, diversity in breed means every client’s individual preference is catered to, including adorable mixed breed options.

Beyond Purebreds

Do you adore the unique charm of mixed breeds or want to explore options at local animal shelters? We support all paths to finding your new best friend. Whether it’s a lively cavapoo which is a designer breed that combines the desirable traits of both parent breeds, resulting in an affectionate, friendly, and intelligent companion or a dignified lhasa waiting for you, your journey to bring home joy starts with us.

Quality Care and Love

Every puppy at Maxies Babies has been nurtured with love and care. This ensures when you take your Boston Terrier or delicate teacup pup home from our reputable breeders here in Staten Island or from across New York City’s many boroughs, you’re getting more than just a pet—you’re getting a companion who’s been raised with tenderness and expert care.

Make Memories 

It’s time to find that one-of-a-kind companion that fits perfectly into your life. Meet your endearing new sidekick and experience unconditional love that only a dog can provide. Visit us at Maxies Babies where happiness is a warm puppy waiting to greet you!